Acchi Aadat Campaign


Kansaikako is promoting “DMR (Domestic multi-Recycler)” in India, in order to improve the water environment and to promote organic farming. DMR can treat household wastewater without electricity, and the treated water is used as agricultural water, and sludge generated during the treatment process is composted with fallen leaves and vegetable wastes, and then they turned into organic fertilizer. It is used for cultivation of vegetables and other crops.

 In India, a large number of people suffer from waterborne infectious diseases, and especially the mortality rate of children (under five years old) is the highest due to diarrhea. Therefore, we think that it is very important to grow an awareness regarding importance of developing water environment and sanitation, and we would be happy if people would aware that improving the water environment will lead to protect their health.


Att 2. poster hindi A4


 And now, we approve of “ Acchi Aadat Campaign”, that JICA India started in India to raise awareness among 10 Core people about the importance of hygiene practices for preventing the spread of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases. The campaign is to introduce an easy and practical approach to the hygiene and sanitation issues by promoting hand washing, nail cleaning and other hygiene practices such as wearing mask in a correct way.


Att 3. Correct Handwashing Manga (Hindi) for sharing


We would be happy if you would approve of “ Acchi Aadat Campaign” and spread it with manga or video that instruct how to wash hands.