About Us

Our company's philosophy

Ideas based on global standards.

Purpose: we aim to be original, independent, and a useful company in society.
Management attitude: we aim to create a rich and bright office environment.
Code of conduct: we aim to be the best while remaining modest.

Without thinking purely about our achievements we believe that if we are intersted in many things and increase our sensitivity we will be able to offer better products.
So, we want to keep our distance from extremely profit driven endeavors.

We want to make things which are pleasing and helpful to people in society.
To do that, we want to create more innovative ideas and original techniques.
Each one of us will do our best every day sincerely and positively towards our purpose so that we may dedicate ourselves cheerfully to our work.

From those attitudes we developed into a manufacturer of original environmental equipment from a manufacturer of parts through a unique route.

We started a parts making company and we have created reliable technology.
The ever developing abilities and the exquisite sensibilities of our employees will continue to develop and bear the fruit of original merchandise.
We are proud of what we are as KANSAIKAKO Co., Ltd..

Greeting from the president

What goals have developed societies been pursuing? Surely, the strength of the Japanese economy has been confirmed everywhere. However, looking at the world we see many global environmental problems and societal ills; people are exhausted and various stresses are spread throughout the world. Is there a way to create a more restful and rich
lifestyle with little stress? By offering relief, safety, gentleness and an
open mind, our business has expanded from one of plastic processing towards an ecological one. In the future using biotechnology we aim to
expand our recycling, flower and LOHAS businesses globally.
We continue to advance in order to create a truly rich and cultured society.

About Us

Established: July 1, 1983
Representative: Shigeyuki Hamai
Our Business: Manufacturing and sales of water treatment related products
Manufacturing and sales of organic matter treatment system
Waste intermediate treatment business
Flower-related business
LOHAS business


Corporate History

1977 FEB Started a plastic processing business initially in Saijyo-city, Ehime.
1983 JUL Established KANSAIKAKO Co.,Ltd.
Capital: 10million yen
Established Osaka branch and factory in Kita-ku, Osaka-city.
1985 APR Relocated Osaka branch and factory to Miyakojima-ku, Osaka-city.
1991 JAN Established FRONTIER Co.,Ltd.
Capital: 15million yen
         OCT Opened FLORAISON Esaka Tokyu O’s shop.
1993 NOV Established Komatsu factory in Komatsu-cho,Ehime.
1994 JUN Increased the capital of KANSAIKAKO Co.,Ltd. to 40million yen.
1996 SEP Established Kanto branch and factory in Iwatsuki-city, Saitama.
Relocated the head office function to Osaka branch.
1997 JUN Opened flower shop HYAKUTARO in Imabari-city.
2001 JAN Established an intermediate plant in Tanbara-cho,Ehime.
         MAR Relocated the head office and the laboratory to Suita-city, Osaka.
         APR Relocated FLORAISON Esaka shop to the head office building.
2002 SEP Opened flower shop HYAKUTARO in Kawanoe-city.
2005 APR Opened flower shop HYAKUTARO in Niihama-city.
         AUG Relocated FRONTIER head office to Saijyo-city, Ehime.
2008 MAR Opened LOHAS Plaza in Saijyo-city.
2011 SEP Established Shanhai Yogo Kako Co., Ltd in Shanhai, Chaina.
2016 JUL Established Tohoku sales branch in Sendai city, Miyagi
2018 MAR New head-office building was completed.

Our Office

Head Office

9-9, Hiroshiba-cho, Suita, Osaka 564-0052

TEL +81-6-6192-5830
FAX +81-6-6192-5831 →MAP

  • 大阪工場

    Osaka Factory

    2-20-11, Daito-cho, Miyakojima-ku, Osaka, Osaka 534-0002
    TEL +81-6-6921-0602
    FAX +81-6-6921-0604 →MAP

  • 四国支店・小松工場

    Shikoku Branch Komatsu Factory

    46-10, Otsu, Oto, Komatsu-cho, Saijyo, Ehime 799-1106
    TEL +81-898-72-5680
    FAX +81-898-72-5681 →MAP

  • 関東支店・岩槻工場

    Kanto Branch Iwatsuki Factory

    5-1-9, Ueno, Iwatsuki-ku, Saitama, Saitama 339-0073
    TEL +81-48-795-1999
    FAX +81-48-795-1998 →MAP

  • 中間処理場

    Intermediate treatment plant

    567-12, Ko, Kurase, Tambara-cho, Saijyo, Ehime 791-0541

  • 上海事務所

    Shanghai Yogo Kako Co., Ltd.

    Xinche Road No.2020 Building 9 AreaB Xinqiao Town Songjiang Shanghai
    TEL +86(021)5780-5572
    FAX +86(021)5780-5573

  • フロンティア株式会社四国本社・四国工場

    FRONTIER Co., Ltd Head Office Shikoku Factory

    57-1, Otsu, Oto, Komatsu-cho, Saijyo, Ehime 799-1106
    TEL +81-898-76-9200
    FAX +81-898-76-9211 →MAP