Providing fresh scented flowers direct from our own farm

Our flower division originated from an idea of a staff member to make plastic flower pots using our plastic working technology. That led us to expand our business and open our own flower shops, 'Floraison' and 'Hyakutaro'.

Water treatment related technology made it possible to develop and commercialize 'Florence Water' which is freshness retaining agent for cut flowers. We are further expanding into new businesses, making full use of our plastic manufacturing technology and biotechnology.



Our products can be purchased online.

The flowers grown on our own farm to reach you at their very freshest and we provide the most impressive bouquets available today.

We have a wide selection for all occasions, such as weddings, formal events and even the occasional party.


Scented flowers

Their natural beauty brightens up your home and their delicate scent perfumes the air.

These scented treasures are an enchanting way to show someone how special they are to you.

We also focus on the healing effects of natural aromas. Many flowers contain a wealth of healing compounds with measurable effects on the body and mind.

Some of them are the raw materials for perfume.

The fascinating fragrance of flowers will make anyone happy.