To embrace environmental protection for our future.

We started our manufacturing small plastic parts and have developed into a manufacturer of environmental components, mainly for water treatment.

We have further developed our original eco-friendly products by linking our existing divisions (water treatment, recycling and flower.)  We also have been working on carbon dioxide reduction, being the results of our LOHAS division.

We deal in fragrant producing items like scented flowers and firefly brook to provide healing for people in today's stressful society.


What is LOHAS (lifestyles of health and sustainability) ?

It is indicated that people following this lifestyle make global environmental conservation and a healthy lifestyle their top priority.

The keys to LOHAS are a healthy lifestyle, natural environmental consciousness and a sustainable economy. 
An increasing number of people in the US and Europe follow LOHAS by trying to save energy, eating organic food, depending on less medicine and doing yoga and so on.


Firefly Brook

In the wild, firefly larvae grow to the adult stage in clear and serene brooks.
A similar habitat can be recreated in a garden.  Why don't you enjoy raising fireflies and watching them fly?

Green Shutter

This is a planter, which can be used as a sandbag to prevent inundation in case of emergency, such as in a typhoon or a localized torrential downpour.