”Global Handwashing Day”



15th October is Global Handwashing Day.

In 2008, the International Year of Sanitation, October 15th was designated as Global Handwashing Day every year to promote correct handwashing.


Kansaikako has approved of  “ Acchi Aadat Campaign”, that JICA has worked the handwashing promote activities in India. (We wrote about this. (関連リンク))


They made the video that shows us the correct handwashing way.

It is a fun video that is easy for children to understand.

Why don’t you watch the video and review your own handwashing and your children’s handwashing on Global Handwashing Day ? And we would be happy if you would spread the correct way of handwashing and “ Acchi Aadat Campaign”.


Hello Kitty sings a song to promote the correct way of handwashing.

“Let’s Wash Our Hands with HELLO KITTY !